Mobile phones – A must communication tool


Mobile phones have brought a drastic change in our lives. They allow users to stay connected with people round the globe and have also made our lives much easier. Many reputed brands of mobile phones such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, etc. are coming with many latest mobile phones that comprise of useful features and advanced technology. With these devices you can communicate with a person who is miles away from you.

These devices not only offer communication features, but also offer entertainment features, messaging features and connectivity features too. The mobile mart offers various mobile phones of leading brands of various hues and style ranging from basic phones to high end phones. You can also find numerous options on online portals as well so accordingly you can opt for any mobile phone which best suits your requirement and budget.

Mobile phones can be availed with many lucrative deals such as contract deals, pay as you go deals, SIM free deals and SIM only deals. These deals are offered by almost every network provider. Cost-conscious can opt for cheap mobile phones which are incorporated with useful features and latest technology. Connectivity options encapsulated in this device comprise of EDGE, GPRS, Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth. Messaging features offered by these devices comprise of SMS, MMS, E-mail and instant messaging.

Cheap mobile phones are very much popular among masses and in the mobile mart due to their affordable pricing and brilliant performance. People who frequently travel for business purposes can avail these mobile phones. With high chances of mobile phones getting misplaced or getting lost, people usually opt for these mobile phones.

So before buying cheap mobile phones users should keep certain things in mind such as brand name, service provider, features, cost, etc. Only after making enough research regarding the mobile phone and comparison of price tag user should zero in the device.

If users want to know more about mobile phones they can browse several websites and on-line portals which will provide them with all the necessary details regarding any mobile phone. So opt for your favourite mobile phone and communicate without any hassles or botheration.

Smartphone Applications for Kids

Good inbuilt memory of 8GB and expandable memory up to 32GB micro SD card. 1GB ram is ok to perform your apps without lagging the phone. 1.3 GHz Dual core processor is good hardware configuration to handle the operations performed on the smartphone.

If you looking for good selfie camera mobile then this phone will be in the list because it’s selfie camera with 5MP and primary camera 8MP with HD resolution 3264 x 2448 pixels that provide high definition images and help to record 1080p HD videos. Both camera are good quality at this amount.

Android Lollipop 5.1 Lollipop operating system includes latest technology on this mobile. 2000 mAh Li-ion battery provides talk time up to 8 hours.

At this price now a days we can find higher specs mobile like Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime, Micromax Canvas Juice 2 AQ5001 but if you looking for quality selfie camera mobile with good specification then buying this mobile in India online stores flipkart, snapdeal is good choice.

The Blackberry 9800 Touch offers the usual Blackberry refinements and more


The Blackberry 9800 Touch is an engaging handset that this recently been released by Blackberry. The unit itself is a compact unit which is 111 mm x 62 mm wide whilst being 14 mm thick and comes with touch screen technology as well as a QWERTY keyboard.

The handsets impressive   features include a 3.2 inch TFT touch screen which displays imagery of outstanding quality within its 360 x 480 pixel screen size. In addition the handset also comes with a QWERTY keyboard which offers effective text and data entry. For navigation, the unit provides an optical track pad whilst to conserve battery power a proximity sensor is also included within the package.

The unit comes with the usual Blackberry operating system, which within this unit is version 6.0 as well as a 624 MHz processor. Internet access is coupled with the usual myriad of connectivity options including micro USB and Bluetooth connectivity. The unit comes with an internal memory which quoted at 4 GB with the added bonus of being able to utilise the existing microSD card slot to increase this up to 32 GB.


The Blackberry 9800 Touch comes with a 5.0 megapixel camera which operates at 2592 x 1900 affordable pixels and incorporates auto focus, image stabilisation as well as an LED flash and geo-tagging. In addition the camera can be utilised as a video capture device, recording video at VGA quality, offering alternative options of recording events.

In addition to the aforementioned functionality the handset also includes the usual SMS, MMS e-mail and instant messaging functionality as well as a variety of games to keep its owner amused. An MP4/MP3 media player is also provided which is able to actively play and support a wide range of file formats. Satellite navigation is provided with A-GPS support, whilst an organiser and voice memo facility are also provided as standard.

The Blackberry 9800 is an impressively functional mobile phone which offers a wide range of functionality and features. One of the key elements is its social feeds feature, which taps into the current desire for social media functionality.

This is the common problem in 9800 phone and the very common is ripped off the ribbon or liquid damage,change the main flex with new one or whole slide asembly this phone has smart indicator(red light) it blinks only when—”something wrong or open circuit or short circuit” open circuit-ribbon crack,light sensor damage etc short circuit-liquid damage on trackpad socket-lcd connector-red light itself or light sensor etc.


The Inbuilt memory of 8GB gives freedom to install more apps without hanging problem on the phone also it support up to 32GB external micro SD card that gives freedom to store songs, pictures, videos and more.


The primary camera having good quality camera 8MP with LED flash and 3264 x 2448 resolution that provide access to record high quality HD videos and Quality Images. Front camera that’s having 2MP allows to take medium quality selfies.

The features available in camera app are Geotagging, Panorama, Slow Motion, Scene Detection, Freeze Frame Display and HDR.

Network & connectivity


It support both 3G and wifi so we have the access of powerful internet on the go with in our pocket. It’s having dual sim one sim support 3G and another sim support 2G. It’s having Bluetooth version 4.0 that gives faster access to transfer big files in the air.


It runs on android KitKat v 4.4.2 operating system. It has 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor and 400 Mali GPU and the chipset used in Xolo Era is spreadtrum 7731. Another advantage of this smartphone is that, it supports OTG Cable as most mobiles in this price range does not support OTG Cable.

Battery & Display

2100 mAh Lion Battery produce more power that requires for all your operation like calling, browsing, video playback and more. It’s up to 10 hours calling time that very good on this range phones

Alerts On Overages Hoping To Eliminate “Bill Shock”.

youll-be-shocked-at-how-easy-it-is-to-turnHave you ever experienced IT? That instant when you open your mail or go to pay your bill online? Personally I’ve had that “SHOCK” moment when my son’s older feature phone somehow rang up $846.00 in data charges on the Verizon network. Verizon eventually wiped out the overage, but not before I made the quick decision to side with the wireless company and “lay into” my son for “not being responsible”, with his phone? I picked the wrong approach and became further ticked-off at the wireless operators because they couldn’t refund the damage done to the father – son relationship we had been working on hard to maintain. (*refund 6 months later)

On a separate note- I think that the wireless company who takes charge first and either makes a game or App out of the Alerts will come away a winner. Offer discount minutes if you rack up your limit in the middle of the month. Or, go the other way and give away accessories or ringtones if you keep your allotted data in check for one, two or three months in a row? You guys are clever out there. Suggest something!

Anyway, here’s the article. Read it. Enjoy it. Share it…

By Cecilia Kang, Published: October 17

The wireless industry announced Monday plans to alert customers who are about to go over limits for voice, text and data services or incur international roaming fees, a move that will for now stave off regulation of their billing practices.

Under the plan, which will go into full effect April 17, 2013, nearly all cellphone customers will automatically begin to receive alerts for free, trade group CTIA announced at a news conference on Monday.

The industry-led plan comes amid rising consumer anger about cellphone billing surprises — a problem that has hit one in six users, according to the Federal Communications Commission.

A year ago, the chairman of the FCC proposed a mandatory rule for carriers to warn users of overage and roaming charges. Julius Genachowski said Monday he would put his proposal on hold because of the industry’s effort. Genachowski’s decision was seen as a victory for the wireless industry, which has railed against the proposed rules. But it also raised fresh questions about how the agency would better protect consumers and enforce violations under the voluntary plan.

“This means very little in terms of real change for consumers,” said Joel Kelsey, a policy analyst at Free Press, a public interest group. He said some carriers are already offering alerts, and consumers won’t see much difference in how their billing complaints are handled at the FCC.

“Since competition is weak in this industry, there aren’t natural incentives for companies to be on their best behavior,” he said. “What they need is rules.” Some consumers agree.

Nilofer Merchant, an author and business consultant from Los Gatos, Calif., said she racked up more than $10,000 in international roaming and overage fees when she used her data card on a business trip to Canada. She received two notifications from her carrier— but only after the session was over and her bill was on the way.
After she complained, her carrier waived all but $2,000 of the fees. She said wireless companies have little motivation to reform “broken” complaints systems because there is no government oversight.

When asked during the news conference how the FCC would monitor and enforce the industry’s efforts, Genachowski declined to give details, but said the agency has confidence in the wireless industry. “We expect compliance. If not, we’ll take appropriate action . . . but neither of us think that will happen,” Genachowski said.


The industry plan comes amid greater confusion over billing. One in four Internet users access the Web through mobile devices. Most carriers have ended unlimited data plans, making it difficult for consumers to know when they are tripping monthly limits. And even though carriers offer data calculators on their Web sites and some send warnings, the way they implement their programs differ and can be confusing, some users say.

Genachowski gave several examples of how bad the problem can be. He said he met a woman who was charged $34,000 for international data and texting charges when visiting her sister in Haiti after the 2009 earthquake. Her service provider, T-Mobile, eventually scrapped the charges. He also said he met a man who was charged $18,000 when his free data downloads expired without warning.

“Today’s initiative is a perfect example of how government agencies and industries they regulate can work together under President Obama’s recent executive order directing federal agencies to consider whether new rules are necessary or would unnecessarily burden businesses and the economy,” CTIA president Steve Largent said

How to Make ‘mobile Phone Payment’ Procedure More Safer?


Mobile paymentwhich is also known Mobile Wallet has been introduced as a substitute method of making payments. You can purchase most likely everything such as music videos, ring-tones, online books, magazines, tickets, digital goods etc., acquiring its famous models of making payments such as, The best SMS based transactional payment, direct mobile billing, Mobile Web payment (WAP), contact less NFC (Near Field communication) and rising model direct carrier or bank cooperation. Another method which is known ‘Peer-to-Peer’ in which payment service provider financial institutions perform independently and mobile network operators are involved in making mobile payments.

Mobile payment has already got a significant boost in various parts of the Europe andAsia. It has also occupied almost the whole life of every adult American. Because of its growing features one can send text messages, check e-mails, surf the Web, manage bank accounts and purchase goods. The banks like Bank of America and Chase have built up smart-phone app adding web browsers on mobile devices and tablets consequently it has become easier for consumers to make online shopping without using computer’s desktop.

According the latest study of Aite Group in 2010 mobile phone payment has touched the huge figure of billion and they expect that this figure will reach up to 6 billion by the end of 2015. According to the PayPal sources about billion in mobile device payment which possessed by eBay have been made in 2011 as compared to the last year about billion.

Although the transactional mode of payment have been acknowledged ‘authentic’ but with the passage of time it is being replaced with mobile web payments (WAP) due to of several loopholes in transactional method were existed – such as poor consistency, slower speed, higher costs, security risks etc while the Mobile payment method is getting popularity because of the following features:

Easy to use: Its transactions are completed just within 10 seconds.

Convenient: No pre-registration or new mobile software is needed.

Security: Two aspects confirmation and risk management engine checks scam.

Verified: Almost 70% of all digital content are acquired online in different parts of Asia using the DirectMobileBilling methods.

Some online companies like PayPal, Amazon Payments and Google Checkout have already been given the mobile payment option. First time a user have to take registration by inputs their phone number, the provider sends a message along with PIN code. The user enters the PIN code for verifying the number and the user can inputs their credit card information if his account is not existed and authorizes payments. For further payments the user has to enter his PIN for confirmation.

Though mobile payment network is safe and secure however the through the following cautions you can bring further improvement.

Only use public Wi-Fi accounts that you are considered easier while making mobile payment on are those that are your personal and secure like your home or office account. According to the experts that using a mobile device for purchasing or checking account balance while connecting with Wi-Fi account your personal data could be disclosed with third party.

images (1)

Select those websites that are reliable for shopping after examining address bar at the upper portion of the page and look if the URL has an image of lock next to it, which is showed that the site is safe and authentic. If you are trying to make shopping through smart-phone, this picture will not be appeared even though the site is safe and secure. You can examine the site when you observe at the URL and see it illustrates ‘https’ instead of only ‘http’ which explains that the site is adequately encrypted.

Besides selecting the authentic website you should also evaluate the apps that you have downloaded also because they may good finish up asking for your credit card information. Also there is not better housekeeping seal of sanctioning body for mobile applications and most of the apps have been built up by established firms instead of famous brands. You can find out vet apps in Lookout Mobile Security – a free app existed on the BlackBerry and Android phones, which evaluates virus’s applications, malware and spyware. Further it is better choice to read through the analyses of given app to look if other users have had any trouble.

Furthermore experts thinks that the internet connection on cell phone are commonly secure, in spite of this you have to make sure some important cautions for making trade transactions on a mobile phone. So before you move your mobile phone into a credit card make sure to keep above points remembered.

Sony Ericsson M600i Review

Sony Ericsson M600i 2  Slim touchscreen phone for style-conscious professionals.
The Sony Ericsson M600i has all you need to keep in touch with friends and colleagues in every way, every day. It gives you secure push email, internet and company intranet access. Surf the Web. Download music and video. Enjoy fast-moving games and your favourite music wherever you go. And when you’re browsing the Web with your Sony Ericsson M600i, you can still make and take calls. The Sony Ericsson M600i is a true 3G multitasking device.

The slim form factor makes the Sony Ericsson M600i easy to carry, hold and use. You can carry it comfortably in your pocket or in a bag. It has its own dual-function keyboard and dedicated function keys. The touchscreen and Jog Dial navigation make using the Sony Ericsson M600i easy and intuitive. A large screen is excellent for watching video, viewing images and reading email and other messages.

Wherever you are, you have your office with you. Send and receive email, access a corporate intranet and the public internet, read, edit and re-send email attachments and, if a compatible printer is nearby, you can print attached documents. When writing, choose from the dual-function keyboard just below the screen, an onscreen keyboard or handwriting recognition.
As a portable internet device, the Sony Ericsson M600i has the speed to satisfy. Wherever you are, you can enjoy high-speed 3G mobile internet, and the comfortably large touchscreen makes browsing the Web intuitive and easy. Mobile RSS feeds give you up-to-the-minute news updates.

The Sony Ericsson M600i can also serve as your mobile entertainment centre. Enjoy film trailers, music videos and video newscasts on the go. The Sony Ericsson M600i media player lets you enjoy your favourite music wherever you go. Online application shops provide application download services when you want to enhance your Sony Ericsson M600i with new capabilities.

You don’t have to be at the office to work. You can work anywhere. The Sony Ericsson M600i is your secure organiser, email, phone and internet device. It’s secure, easy to use, and fast. This innovative phone is powered by Symbian OS. This makes it possible to add applications and useful tools to your phone including navigation, travel and organiser enhancements.

Work where you are
You don’t have to be at the office to work. You can work anywhere. The Sony Ericsson M600i is your organiser, email, phone and internet device. It’s secure, easy to use, and fast.

When someone sends you email, a push email* solution allows you to receive it straight to your Sony Ericsson M600i. Open, read and act instantly. You can also read file attachments and, if there’s a compatible printer nearby, print documents and other attachments.

* Email service provider and/or network operator dependent.

The Sony Ericsson M600i supports the most common data protection protocols and encryption solutions. You can access databases, your company’s internal information and other tools behind your company intranet.

The Sony Ericsson M600i touchscreen and keyboard make messaging easy and very convenient. You can choose from several ways to write and add attachments and other items to your messages. Text input is enhanced by intuitive predictive text input. As you write, The Sony Ericsson M600i displays word choices. Click once to finish a word.

A large and clear colour screen makes web browsing on the move a satisfying experience. Keep up with news and media events, travel and finance wherever you are. And the company intranet is only a click away. Mobile RSS feeds give you up-to-the-minute news updates.

The Sony Ericsson M600i is a Symbian OS device. This makes it possible to add applications and useful tools to your phone including navigation, travel and organiser enhancements.

Touchscreen ease-of-use
A slim and stylish touchscreen mobile phone with its own dual-function keyboard and dedicated function keys. The Sony Ericsson M600i has easy access to your favourite functions, either from the desktop or using the jog dial on the side of the phone.

Easy operation
Touchscreen navigation is intuitive. The most used phone functions have their own dedicated icon. For quick and easy notes, use the stylus. The Sony Ericsson M600i has handwriting recognition – your letters are transformed into digital text.

Large QVGA screen

Sony Ericsson M600i
The Sony Ericsson M600i screen is excellent for browsing the Web, watching video, viewing images and reading email and other messages. Email attachments such as documents and spreadsheets can be opened, viewed and edited.

Easy to carry
The slim form factor – it’s only 16 mm thick – makes the Sony Ericsson M600i easy to carry, hold and use. You can carry it comfortably in your pocket or in a bag. It’s light, and a pleasure to hold.

Email on the go
Wherever you are, you have your email. You can have your company email pushed to your phone, and access your private, web-based email when on the road. And with a 3G connection, it’s fast.

Secure push email
The Sony Ericsson M600i has support for the security functions needed to make sure your email and other communications are encrypted and safe to send. With push email, you don’t have to download email to check your mailbox. You receive incoming email straight to your phone.

Text input
You can write email or other messages in several ways. You use the dual-function keyboard. The unique dual-function keyboard is a combination of phone number keypad and full QWERTY keyboard. The Sony Ericsson M600i also has handwriting recognition. Use your stylus to write each letter as you would on paper, and the Sony Ericsson M600i transforms it into digital text. Fast, intuitive and easy. There’s also an onscreen keyboard for use with the stylus.

Word completion
When you write text, you can have the Sony Ericsson M600i predict which word you’re writing. Alternative words are based on your writing style and the words you’ve used previously. If you misspell a word, the Sony Ericsson M600i will suggest a correction.

In your phone – EMO and Exchange ActiveSync
Several useful applications are included when you buy your Sony Ericsson M600i. Ericsson Mobile Organizer (EMO) lets you send, compose, receive and respond to email when on the road. Exchange ActiveSync lets you connect to your company’s Exchange mail and calendar and use it via your phone – just as conveniently as if you were using your PC’s Outlook mail client in the office. The EMO and EAS clients are part of the Sony Ericsson offer for Sony Ericsson M600i. * A 30-day trial version of EMO is included with your Sony Ericsson M600i.

More email goodies
Your Sony Ericsson M600i also supports the BlackBerry™ Connect 2.1 client, complete with unicode and time zone support.
3G speed
As a portable internet device, the Sony Ericsson M600i has the speed to satisfy. Wherever you are, you can enjoy high-speed 3G mobile internet, and the comfortably large touchscreen makes browsing the Web intuitive and easy. Mobile RSS feeds give you up-to-the-minute news updates.

Always online

Sony Ericsson M600i 3 (1)
Keep in touch with news from home when you’re travelling. There are lots of high-quality news and current affairs websites to choose from. Travel and traffic information is also widely available, and you can book and shop for anything online wherever you are.

When you’re browsing the Web with your Sony Ericsson M600i, you can still make and take calls. The M600i is a true 3G multitasking device.

Online application shops provide application download services when you want to enhance your Sony Ericsson M600i with new capabilities. There are useful travel and navigation tools, messaging and organiser applications, multi-lingual phrase books and dictionaries, fast moving 3D games and more. Download these applications straight to your phone on the move.

Secure access with VPN
Access your company intranet at any time and keep yourself up-to-date with internal announcements and information. With a VPN application, the Sony Ericsson M600i connection is fully secure.

Entertaining you
The Sony Ericsson M600i can also serve as your mobile entertainment centre. Enjoy film trailers, music videos and video newscasts on the go.

Music on the move
The Sony Ericsson M600i has an impressive media player that supports playback of the most popular audio files. Move your favourite music to your phone and have it with you wherever you go. You can also download new music to your phone from online music stores. Store on Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™).

Mobile gaming
A big screen makes great gaming. Take some time out with challenging and fast-moving 3D games.